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Why we are different: with us, construction is just the beginning. Our services offer long-term partnerships to our customers – including you. If you want to rent out your apartment, you will be facing a number of tasks after buying it. You can freely decide which tasks you entrust us with: we offer full rental services from furnishing your apartment to performing regular monthly tasks.

  1. Loan administration, financial advice
  2. SPECIAL OFFERRental guarantee service with fixed return
  3. Furnishing (home staging)
  4. Creating promotional materials (photos and video)
  5. Finding a tenant and drafting a lease agreement
  6. Apartment management

Loan administration, financial advice

Loan administration and financial advice are provided only to customers who wish to purchase a property built or operated by us or to invest in projects developed by us.

Taking into account your needs, with the help of our independent financial advisor partner, we contact all banks in Hungary – so you can easily choose from comparable bank financing offers. Thanks to our direct banking partnership, you can expect extra financial benefits and quick administration.

Rental guarantee service with fixed return

In addition to the favourable 5% VAT on your property purchased for investment purposes, you will also receive a guaranteed annual return of 7% for a period of 5 to 7 years with our Rental Guarantee services. This way, with our service, you get a fixed passive income every month. If you have any questions, our colleagues are happy to assist you; please contact us.

The essence of our Rental Guarantee service in 5 points

Rental guarantee yield calculator

  1. Buy your apartment (or multiple apartments) at our Golden Corner Residential Park
  2. Your apartment will be rented back from you for 5 years below a net purchase value of HUF 100 million, and for 7 years above that.
  3. We will transfer the return to you every month, whether the apartment is currently rented or not.
  4. You won’t have to deal with your property, we take care of all related tasks: finding and supervising tenants, collecting rent and utilities, dealing with maintenance and other matters, complete administration with the tenant.
  5. You can change your mind at any time. During the rental period, you can terminate the contract at any time.

Frequently asked questions about our Rental Guarantee service

The Golden Corner Residential Park is currently under construction. If I want the yield-secure Rental Guarantee service, too, when can I sign the contract at the earliest?
If you would like to be sure, we will conclude the contract for the Rental Guarantee service, which is a lease agreement, at the same time as signing the pre-contract for the sale of the selected apartment.

When can I expect my monthly income from my apartment?
Our Rental Guarantee service starts after the technical handover of the purchased property, in the months following the complete furnishing of the apartment.

Who is responsible for furnishing the apartment and how long does it take?
You are free to decide whether you or we furnish your apartment. If you prefer, we are happy to solve this task for you as part of our Home Furnishings service. The total time of furnishing an apartment also depends on your needs, typically it takes 2 to 3 months.

Rental guarantee yield calculator


How much money do I get a month? How do I calculate the 7% yield?
The amount of the yield is fixed in the contract, its calculation is very simple: If the gross purchase price of the apartment is HUF 50M, then the annual yield of 7% is HUF 3.5M gross (=50Mx0.07), which means HUF 17.5M for you in 5 years. Because we transfer the amount monthly, you can expect a gross monthly amount of HUF 292,000 (=3.5M/12).

It is important to know that, under the applicable law, depending on whether you own the apartment as a private individual or a company, personal income tax is mandatory to be deducted from your monthly income. Based on the above example, HUF 252,000 will be transferred each month if the owner is a private individual.

Can I terminate the contract if I change my mind in the meantime?
During the rental period, you can terminate the Rental Guarantee Agreement at any time.

What happens after the agreement expires or terminates?
After the end of the rental period, you can continue to entrust us with the renting and operation of the apartment if you want to. Please contact our colleagues for details of this service.

Furnishing (home staging)

We will furnish your apartment, so it will be ready to rent and move in. If you do not want to deal with furnishing either, all furniture, equipment, machines or decorations necessary for renting will be purchased, assembled and put into service in the required quality. We agree on the style of the apartment in advance by presenting our sample apartments and based on our offer catalogues. Our decades of experience guarantee a practical, quality look.

Creating promotional materials (photos and video)

An important part of the renting process is that we can present the property with high quality photos and a video. As part of this service, we create a freely usable comprehensive portfolio of images and a video for you of the entire apartment, with the help of a professional photographer and cameraman.

Finding a tenant and drafting a lease agreement

If you have no experience finding a tenant and writing a lease agreement, we are happy to help you with the following:

  • Finding the tenant that meets your expectations.
  • Drafting and concluding the lease agreement. We can also help you with bilingual contracts and interpretation.

Apartment management

If you do not have time or simply do not want to deal with the dwelling related duties, let us manage your apartment. In the framework of this service, we undertake:

  • Keeping contact with the tenant.
  • Collecting monthly rents, common costs and utilities.
  • Regularly checking the condition of the apartment.
  • Organising maintenance and repair works, as necessary.
  • Support for moving in and out of the apartment.

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